Management Team

James C. F. Huang - Chairman

James C. F. Huang is the incumbent chairman of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), an apex body of business and trade promotion organization in Taiwan.Chairman Huang is a dynamic, charismatic and vibrant leader, who is also a distinguished entrepreneur and former diplomat dedicated to promoting Taiwan's economic development and international relations.

Prior to joining TAITRA, Chairman Huang held various senior positions in the government including Minister of Foreign Affairs. He also held several senior consultant and management positions at Taiwan's leading technology companies. He has served in the public and private sectors for more than 30 years, accumulated extensive experience in formulating strategy and outstanding negotiation skills.

Beginning his tenure in TAITRA in 2017, Chairman Huang has initiated several reforms within the organization, including flattening organizational structure, encourage people-to-people interactions and digital transformation. He is also actively involved in helping Taiwan’s business community building international networks by leading high profile delegations to participate in major trade, business and investment events around the world.

Leonor F. M. Lin - President & CEO

Leonor has extensive experience both domestically and globally. After graduating from college with a major in Spanish, Leonor travelled to Spain to study for two years. After completing her studies, Leonor worked in a trading company for 5 years, which included a posting in Venezuela. This was shortly followed by Leonor joining TAITRA in 1987 and leading to positions in the Planning & Finance Department, the Taipei International Convention Center, the General Administration Department, and the Taiwan Trade Center Miami.
Paving the way for Leonor to become first female Executive Vice President of TAITRA from 2017 to 2020, and now the first female President of TAITRA, is not only Leonor’s excellent strategy execution and coordination, but also her superb leadership skills. Leonor’s appointment as President marks a historic milestone of gender equality in TAITRA’s workplace. Leonor will undoubtedly lead TAITRA to continue to prosper locally and connect globally.
In light of the “new normal” of international trade severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Leonor is steadily advancing the internal digital transformation of TAITRA, while simultaneously assisting domestic Taiwanese companies to enter the new era of digital trade and to be an even stronger force in the field of international trade.

Simon Wang - Executive Vice President

Simon Wang was born in Taiwan, grew up in Taipei, and thrived at TAITRA. He has worked his way up through the rank and file. He started out as a project manager and then moved up to deputy executive. That was followed by a promotion to the executive director and he eventually rose all the way up to the executive vice president. During his tenure at TAITRA, he has studied at Northwestern University in Illinois, USA as well as accepted an assignment to work in Northern Europe. Simon has been exploring business opportunities for Taiwanese enterprises for over 35 years.
As a global trade promoter of high proactivity and great innovation, Simon has enthusiastically accepted the challenges to lead TAITRA teams to win bids for government projects. With his forward thinking in terms of the digital future and his ability to see the big picture, surely he will greatly contribute to elevating Taiwan’s foreign trade promotion.

Elina H. L. Lee - Executive Vice President

Over the years in TAITRA, Elina has worked in a wide range of roles and has always been fully engaged in challenging tasks. Elina has also served twice in the U.S., where she helped set up the Taiwan Trade Center in Chicago and served as the Director of the Taiwan Trade Center in Los Angeles. In these locations, she strived to connect Taiwan and U.S. SMEs.
Equipped with extensive experience, self-motivation and a studious attitude, she is currently devoting her energy and enthusiasm to working with TAITRA’s DX teams in the digital development of the organization.